Posted by: Laura | May 28, 2008

Self-Reflecting while Knitting

Ever go through a period where shit hits the fan and after it’s settled, you’re left simply thinking about it? Well I’m going through something similar. Wouldn’t say that the shit has hit the fan perse but I guess I’m going through a period of self reflection. I spent Memorial Day Weekend thinking about the relationships I have with people and how I can improve them and how I can change, all of which are completely healthy things to contemplate from time to time.

I think all this contemplation has been seen in my knitting. I was watching a movie and changed projects three or four times, which, even for me is a lot. I just am extremely scatterbrained of late! I guess I should post project pictures, you think?

Here is my Rogue so far. It had been in hibernation for so long then a few weeks ago, I seem to have started attacking it. Just in time for a hot, steamy DC summer, eh? πŸ™‚ But I got a rather huge portion of this sweater done by completing the chest portion of it. I’m now in the process of dividing for the front and back.


I have finished one of my Marilinda’s made with Dream In Color, Smooshy and man does it feel nice and smooshy! πŸ™‚


This is the very very limited progress I’ve made for May’s SKA Sock Down Challenge of doing a fair isle sock. I’m doing these specifically toe up so I can keep trying them on as I go. It’s been a little difficult Magic Looping these socks. Usually that’s my preferred way of doing socks but I have found the tension, like the last time I did these socks, were incredibly uneven. I have, however asked the SKA group and looked in an archive on the Stranded group and I’m getting good advice on how to achieve a more even tension.


To add to my scatter-brainedness, tell me why I am this close ll to finishing a work in progress. All it needs is twenty minutes, but I just don’t do it?? Odd! Here is Abby’s dress so far. Don’t mean to toot my own horn but I thought of this pattern mah self


Here is attempt number….5? at Chris’ Buckeye socks. If all else fails, Jaywalker always works πŸ˜‰ I also was introduced to Judy’s Magic Cast on for these socks, and let me tell ya, I’m a convert. I heart this cast on so so very much! Thank you Darsana for introducing it to me πŸ™‚


These are the more prominent WIPs I have. There are others of course, but these are the ones I seem to be focusing a lot of time on.

And. Of coooooooooooooourse, I want to cast on more projects. I feel it’s a little bit beyond the normal knitter though. These projects are what is making me burst with excitement (all are Ravelry links)

I considered myself good and only casted on for one of the projects above.

So knitting has been on the brain a lot lately, and as I do it, I often think of personal issues going on with me. I’ve always been a little behind the crowd in doing a lot of things and more prominently, realizing things about myself.

I’ve made mistakes of late. I’m a work in progress and I am simply doing my best. When I say this, I’m not being whiney or defensive, I’m being as matter-of-fact as I can possibly be. I mess up. I put my foot in my mouth probably more times than a dog. I can’t do anything about what happened years ago. If people back then wanted nothing to do with me because of what I did, didn’t do or did too much of, ok. Fine. Can’t do a thing about it. I miss you, don’t get me wrong but no one ever said you were perfect either. Slowly but surely I’m beginning to realize this…that I’m a human that makes mistakes and that I really gotta give myself a break sometimes. Knitting over the weekend helped me do this. Thank you πŸ™‚



  1. I love those socks! I hadn’t paid too much attention to them before, but yours are so pretty, I had to queue them right away! Nice looking Rogue, too. I need to seam mine.

  2. how many socks do you have on the needles?!

  3. Your Rogue is looking amazing. You are so NOT alone with the crap hitting the fan. I’m telling you that stuff is just a mess right now. All you can do is self-reflect. What other option is there?

  4. Self-reflection is always good (even when its sometimes know what I mean). The good thing is realizing you are human, we make mistakes, and we learn from them (well, hopefully). I don’t know where I would be without my knitting to teach me these things too πŸ™‚

    And the socks are looking gorgeous by the way!! Hope this weekend goes a bit better (and when in doubt, my motto,…hehhehee). xoox

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