Posted by: Laura | May 20, 2008

Kitties heart lights

My buddy Mai did this on her blog and it gave me the idea to do the same because, like her puppies, Layla and Luna looooooooooooooooove chasing lights. Dear Duffy (RIP) did figure 8s when mom would point her laser pointer thingie on the ground and Layla and Luna followed suite.

Dad loaned us a laser leveler. He had given Jermaine a great framed photo of him graduating and he loaned it to us when we went to hang it up. Ironically when Dad loaned it (note the verb, father, note the verb), he knew exactly what my first thought would be and he said “Now LAURA, this is on loan for 24 hours. Have your fun and give it back.” hehehe The kitties, Jermaine and I thank you



  1. Thanks for the encouraging words today. You’re in my thoughts as well.

  2. That’s the most entertaining thing I’ve watched in a long time! Thanks for sharing!

  3. hehe, i love it! i often enjoy making duncan run around in circles 🙂

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