Posted by: Laura | January 2, 2008

2007 – A look down memory lane….


Happy New Year Everyone!! Hope y’all had a good one. Jermaine and I had a pretty low key celebration. We made sundaes and watched movies….just BARELY making it to midnight. We’re old! 🙂

I have a new buddy on Ravelry. Her name there is Lollygirl and I got this survey from her blog. She got it from KnitLit’s blog

1. your best FO of the year

2007 was the first FULL year I really got into knitting so my end results are modest in comparison to some other knitters. However I must say that I was quite pleased with Trellis. (First item on the picture above) Yes it was for a baby but it was still intricate enough to keep me interested and it was my first sweater!

2. best FO of the year made by a blog you link to
Oh my goodness! I link to quite a bit of blogs and I am such a comment whore on Ravelry that I can’t say which finished objects of someone else’s was my favorite!! That’s like asking me which kitty I like better…Layla or Luna. Don’t make me choose!

3. best yarn you tried
Wow. This is difficult as well but I think I would have to go with Socks that Rock and Malabrigo. (or as my buddy Dawn and I say, “mmmmmmmmmalabrigo” because it just makes you go mmmmmmmmmmm”

4. best new book/mag/pattern of 2007

I always love Interweave Knits…that goes without saying. Specifically, I love their book, “25 Favorite Socks. That’s a personal favorite of mine.

5. best new knitting technique or gadget you tried in 2007
HANDS DOWN it has to be this little do-hicky here:


I’ve done a lot of fair isle and I fully intend on doing more and this yarn guide has made all my fair isle possible. Thank you Dawn for telling me about this.

6. top 5 inspirations–what five things inspired you the most over the past year?
1. Ravelry
2. Ravelry
3. Ravelry
4. Ravelry
5. Ravelry

Seriously! My mother complains that my generation is extremely self absorbed. A huge part of me agrees with her. But whenever she is talking about this she goes on to say “Why does everyone and their mother have a blog…like the whole world cares what you’re doing?” Again, part of me agrees with her. I have read blogs that have bored me to tears and I’ve even seen a book entitled No One Cares What You Had for Lunch: 100 Ideas for Your Blog. Excellent point! That said, I have found reading my friends blogs to be so inspirational to my knitting. I post to my blog and some really great people have made comments of support. Maybe it’s just because I’m focusing on the craft world but the people who do read my blog are so supportive and…well…curious. As am I when I read blogs. It’s more of a community thing I guess.

7. designer who most amazed & inspired you throughout the year

Cookie A. I love her free patterns so much. I’ve made her Pomatomus socks and Monkey socks with variegated yarns. The patterns are interesting enough to keep the knitter busy but it the pattern doesn’t take away from the yarn and the yarn doesn’t take away from the pattern. She’s achieved that nice mix superbly.

8. knitting resolutions for 2008–what’s next for you and your blog?
Look at the picture above. 18 photos, right? Well TWO of these finished items were made for me. Now, don’t get me wrong. I know the folks that received/will receive these items definitely appreciated/will appreciate them. But I gotta remember me too. So my resolution is to ALWAYS have something on the needles for me. I would like to make more socks for me. I thoroughly enjoy making them and definitely wearing them. I hope to expand my horizons with sock yarns as well. I recently got some interesting sock yarns AND a gift card to the Loopy Ewe so I think that can be arranged! Finally for the first half of the year, I’d like to cool it with yarn buying. Just for a lil bit. I’m a tad overwhelmed (in the best way imaginable) with all the yarn I have. I think I’m set till Maryland Sheep and Wool.



  1. I can’t believe Trellis was your first sweater! I’ve been knitting for most of my life, and I only just got to Trellis recently. (Not that it was all that difficult, it was just too much work for a small sweater, in my opinion.)

    I second your idea to knit for yourself more. Knitting for others is great, but you should keep yourself warm, too!

  2. I’m curious about your tool of the year. I received mine, and just doesn’t seem to be the dream I’d hoped it would be. I two hand my stranded work right now but really want to swing this little puppy into operation. Have you found any tricks that you can pass along?

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